Sewer System Backup

Why do sewer lines backup?

A sewer line will back up when its flow has become blocked by a clog, tree root, or broken/collapsed pipe. As you flush and drain more and more wastewater into the sewer line, it has no where to go except back. If your clog is isolated to just one drain or toilet, then the problem is most likely with that particular location. But if every toilet and drain has a problem flushing, then you probably have a main sewer line clog. 

How to help prevent a sewer line backup:

sink drain

Regular maintenance and proper use of your drain lines will help prevent sewer line clogging. Here are a few tips that will help keep your sewer line clear:

  • Only put things in the toilet and drain that belong there.
  • Your garbage disposal can only handle so much. Be smart about what you put in it and how much.
  • Keep grease and fat out of the sink. Grease and fat will often solidify into a solid when poured down the drain.

How much do plumbing repairs cost?

A sewer line backup can vary in cost depending on what caused the backup. Sometimes a simple snaking of the line can free up a clog and other times you'll need to replace the sewer line due to damage to the pipe.  

What do you do if you think there is a problem?

The best thing you can do is contact Gerard Plumbing and Heating. A sewer system backup can quickly get out of control. This is a problem that you'd for sure want to take the "better safe than sorry" approach. We would also refrain from flushing the toilets and using the drains until a professional from Gerard Plumbing and Heating can inspect the problem.

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