Duct Cleaning

How does an air duct cleaning work?

Professional duct cleaning is much more than reaching into an air vent with a scrub brush. A duct cleaning service utilizes high-powered specialty blowers, vacuums, and brushes to loosen unwanted elements from the supply, intake, and return ducts. At Gerard Plumbing and Heating, we also ensure that your air handler, fans, grilles, registers, motors, coils, and housings are also cleaned.

Why is duct cleaning important?

Air ducts constantly collect undesirable particles such as dust, pet dander, bacteria, oven grease, allergens, bathroom particles, dirt, and more. Over an extended period of time, a disgusting layer forms inside of the air ducts. This prevents efficient and proper airflow resulting in your HVAC system working longer. It also means that these particles are being released into the atmosphere that you and your family breathe every time the system is circulating air. Duct cleaning is very important to ensure a healthy environment, lower energy bills, and help your HVAC system last longer.

What are the sub-services within duct cleaning?

  • Cleaning of the entire air duct system
  • Cleaning of the air vents
  • Cleaning of the HVAC mechanicals
  • Inspection for any other potential issues
before and after duct cleaning

How much does duct

cleaning cost?

The cost of air duct cleaning depends on the square footage of your house and the length of your duct system.

How do I know if I should have my

air ducts cleaned?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADC) recommends cleaning your air ducts every three to five years. If you have airborne allergies, you might experience a reaction inside of your home when the HVAC system is on for long periods of time. It can also be a good idea to get your air ducts cleaned along with a general inspection of your HVAC and plumbing system when you move into a new house.  

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