Duct Work Installation

How does a duct work
system work?

A duct system has two main avenues: (1) the supply that brings temperature-controlled air through the system to either heat or cool the property and (2) a return that sucks stale air from the property and back into the system. As air flows from the supply ducts through the air of the property and back into the return ducts, it keeps the air moving. This allows the property's temperature to be more evenly distributed and prevents the air from becoming stale.

Why is proper duct work
installation important?

Running proper duct work is extremely important to maximizing your HVAC's efficiency and ability to cool and heat a property. The proper size of the ducts, the placement of the ducts, and the installation of the ducts are all very important. The duct size can greatly affect your airflow. The supply vents should be on the outer wall, often by a window, and the returns should be located more towards the center of the building. When installing duct work, you also want to ensure that the system is properly sealed to prevent air from escaping where it shouldn't.

What are the sub-services within duct work installation?

duct work
  • New air duct installation
  • Old Air duct removal
  • Leak detection
  • Airflow balancing
  • Register vent replacement

How much does duct work installation cost?

The scope of the work will determine the price when it comes to duct work installation. Factors like house size, accessibility, length of duct work, materials needed, etc. all contribute to the cost of a duct work installation job. For a fair and accurate price, contact Gerard Plumbing and Heating. We price by the job, not by the hour.

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