Heating Repairs

How does a heating system work?

Although there are multiple systems that produce heat for a property, they all share the same simple principle; convert energy into heat.  Central heating systems accomplish this by burning natural gas in a combustion chamber and then blowing the heated air through duct work throughout the house. Radiant heat system's ideology is similar to central heating where you have a central heating source (the furnace or the boiler) and then it is distributed through a network around the property. Radiant heat heats water instead of air and pushes the heat through pipes and radiators instead of vents. Ductless heating systems (AKA Mini Split) operate similarly to a central heating system, except it uses electricity instead of natural gas to heat the air. It also does not use ducts, so the unit has to be in the same space it is trying to warm. Electric baseboard heaters act as permanent space heaters. They, too, run off of electricity that heats coils inside of the unit. Unlike the other heating methods, baseboard heaters do not have a means of blowing or pushing heat throughout the property. It simply warms the air around it. Lastly, you have wood and coal-burning stoves and fireplaces. These methods are not often utilized in today's world, but some homes and cabins still utilize these heat sources.

Why are heating repairs important?

Heating repairs are vital to ensure your property remains warm when it is cold outside. Promptly addressing a heating repair issue will save you money on your energy bills, keep your problem from growing into a more expensive issue, efficiently heat the entire property evenly, and reduce noise pollution in your home.

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What are the sub-services within heating repair?

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How much do heating repairs cost?

The cost for repairing a heating system will vary based on the needed repairs, type of system, size of the system, size of the property, etc. We do recommend regular heating system maintenance to prevent or identify needed repairs. At Gerard Plumbing and Heating, we price by the job, not by the hour, so you get a fair and honest price.  Contact us today to schedule your visit for an accurate quote.

What do you do if you think there is a problem?

No matter what kind of heating system your property uses, it is important to repair any issues right away to prevent further damage or a dangerous situation. Contact Gerard Plumbing and Heating as soon as you suspect that there might be a problem. Also, if you are concerned about a water or gas leak and can safely close the shutoff value, do so. If you are seriously concerned about a gas leak, exit the property immediately and contact the proper authorities immediately.

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