Boiler Maintenance

How does a boiler system work?

Boiler central heating systems are powered by natural gas. The boiler ignites the gas, which, in turn, heats a copper pipe full of water that bends back and forth in the heating area. These copper pipes are called the heat exchangers. This stage of the process transfers the heat from the ignited gas, to the copper, and finally to the water. The hot water is then pushed through the system by an electric pump. As the hot water travels through the property it enters each radiator, which are designed to transfer the heat from the passing water into the air. Every time the water passes through a radiator, it exits it a bit cooler as it travels onto the next radiator.  Eventually, the water cycles its way back to the boiler to be reheated and start the process again. The pumps are powerful enough to push the water upstairs and around corners. A thermostat regulates when the boiler system is turned off and on to maintain a steady, comfortable temperature.  Any waste gases created by the boiler are vented through a flue and dispersed into the air.

Why is radiant heat/boiler maintenance important?

Properly operating radiant heat and boiler systems are extremely important. Regular boiler maintenance ensures a safe system, avoids expensive repair costs, limits the possibility of water or temperature damage to the property, extends the life of your boiler, and reduces the chance of an inefficient or non-working heat production. The only way to confidently know your radiant heat and boiler is in good working order is through regular boiler maintenance, testing, and inspection.

***Carbon monoxide poisoning is a bigger threat than most people realize. Having regular maintenance can save you and your loved one's from a life threatening situation.

What are the sub-services within boiler maintenance?

boiler pipes

How much does boiler maintenance cost?

Contact us to receive a quote for Gerard Plumbing and Heating annual boiler maintenance. Any additional work that may be required will be priced separately and presented to the owner before any work will be completed. At Gerard Plumbing and Heating, we price by the job, not by the hour, so you get a fair and honest price. 

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