Zone Control Systems

How does a zone control system work?

The main feature of a zone-controlled heating and cooling system is the electronically controlled dampers. Dampers are valves that regulate the level of airflow inside the ductwork. The thermostat in each zone will not only control the furnace and air conditioning to turn on but the dampers to regular which rooms are cooled or warmed and which ones are not.

What is a zoned controlled system?

A zone control system segments your home into different areas, or "zones", that are each controlled by a separate thermostat and warmed or cooled based on the desired temperature of each zone. This is a very efficient means to reduce the number of hot and cold spots in a home and set different comfort settings in each zone.

What are the sub-services within a zone control system?


How much does a zone controlled system cost?

This can become an expensive comfort feature, with a wide price range to install. Multiple factors determine the price of a zone-controlled system. For a custom quote for your zone-controlled system, contact Gerard Plumbing and Heating today.

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