Ductless AC Systems

How does a ductless AC system work?

A ductless AC system uses a refrigeration cycle where low-pressure gas is transformed into high-pressure gas through a compressor. The heat collected from this process is then forced outside. The refrigerant becomes a liquid through the evaporator coil. The refrigerant then absorbs the heat from the indoor air, and the resulting cool air is blown into the inside space through the internal blower. The new low-pressure gas is then transferred through the suction line into the compressor, and the process repeats itself again.

When are ductless air conditioning units a good idea?

Ductless air conditioning systems are often much more affordable than installing a central air conditioning system. The amount that you save is a great reason to go with a ductless system. Another reason a ductless AC system is a smart choice is when the space you are trying to cool is small or doesn't allow duct work to be easily installed. These are great for attics, basements, garages, storage areas, additions, etc.

How are ductless AC systems installed?

A ductless AC system needs to have access to the outside to exhaust the heat, access to the interior area it is cooling, and electrical power. An opening will need to be created between the inside and outside to allow the system to gain interior and exterior access. You will be able to see part of the unit from both the inside and the outside. The system is typically placed on the upper part of the wall to allow the cool air to drop and the warm air to rise and exit the system, resulting in a more even and well-circulated climate.

ductless heating/ac system

How much does a ductless AC system cost?

The price will fluctuate based on the size of the area you want to cool, the number of ductless AC systems you need, and accessibility to power and the outside. For an exact price, please contact Gerard Plumbing and Heating. We price by the job, not by the hour.

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