Why are thermostats important?

Thermostats tell the heating and cooling system when a property needs to be heated or cooled. Without a properly functioning thermostat, you would not be able to regulate the temperature on the property.  


What are the benefits of a smart thermostat?

  • Adjust temperature automatically to save on energy bills
  • Adjust the temperature from your mobile device
  • Integration into other smart devices
  • Provide maintenance updates and identify potential problems with the heating and cooling system
  • You are able to access analytics of your energy usage on certain devices
  • You can easily turn on and off a vacation mode
  • You can set up multiple room sensors to check the temperature in multiple locations
  • Integration into artificial intelligence systems like Alexa and Google

How much do thermostats cost?

If you are looking to replace your thermostat, you have a lot of options nowadays. You can use a simple, temperature control option all the way to a high-tech, whole-home integrated option. The price point is dependent on the features you want in your thermostat.

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