Furnace Installation

How does a furnace work?

A forced-air heating system utilizes a thermostat to tell the furnace to kick on and begin heating a property when the interior temperature drops below a pre-selected level. When this happens, a valve in the furnace opens, which releases natural gas into the burner and tells the blower to begin running. The gas is then ignited by the pilot light or electric igniter within the combustion chamber. This creates heat in the exchanger and is then blown through the ductwork and released into the living space. This process also creates combustion gases that are funneled through a flue and vented to the outside.

Why are furnaces important?

The obvious answer to why furnaces are important is that they are responsible for heating your property.  Having a properly sized and running furnace is also extremely important in keeping your energy bills low, efficiently heating the entire property evenly, and reducing noise pollution in your home.

What are the sub-services within furnace installation?

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How much does furnace installation cost?

Furnace costs can vary based on the size of the furnace that you need, the type of furnace that you want, the accessibility to the furnace's location and utilities, etc. Contact us for pricing. 

What do you do if you think there is a problem with your furnace?

It's always a good idea to contact Gerard Plumbing and Heating if you have any HVAC problems to quickly determine the issue. Sometimes the furnace doesn't need to be replaced and the issue can be solved in another, often less expensive, way. No matter what, addressing a furnace or HVAC problem quickly is extremely important to ensure that your problem doesn't get worse and prevent uncomfortable or even unsafe temperatures inside your home.

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