Ductless Heating Systems

How does a ductless heating system work?

A ductless heating system/heat pump takes heat from the outside and brings it inside of the building. This sounds a little funny because if it's cold outside, how can the system heat the inside with cold air? Great question! The refrigerant in the ductless heating system captures the heat inside the system's coils. Heat is energy and, even though the outside air is cold, it still contains heat. The ductless heating refrigerant and coils extract the heat and then blow it into the property as warm air.

When are ductless heating units a good idea?

Ductless heating systems, also known as heat pumps, are often much more affordable than installing a central or radiant heat system, so the amount of savings is a great reason to go with this system.  Another reason a ductless heating system is a good option is when the space you are trying to cool is small or doesn't allow for ductwork to be easily installed. These are great for attics, basements, garages, storage areas, additions, etc.

What should I expect when installing a ductless heating system/heat pump?

A ductless heating system/heat pump needs to have access to the outside, so that it can bring in fresh air to heat, access to the interior area to warm the space, and electrical power. An opening will need to be created between the inside and outside to allow the system to gain interior and exterior access. You will be able to see part of the unit from both the inside and the outside. The system is typically placed on the upper part of the wall to stay out of the way and because they often serve as an air conditioning system in warm times. Being at a higher elevation will help with even temperature control and airflow.

ductless heating/ac system

How much does a ductless heating system cost?

The price depends on a few factors, such as the size of the area you want to heat, the number of ductless heating systems you need, and accessibility to power and the outside. For an exact price, please contact Gerard Plumbing and Heating. We price by the job, not by the hour.

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