Plumbing Video Camera Inspection

Why are plumbing repairs important?

A plumbing video camera inspection can give you a great look down the existing lines of your plumbing system. Often people scope their lines when they are buying a home to ensure that there is no blockage, but a plumbing video camera inspection can be very useful if you suspect a blockage or lose something valuable down a drain.

How does a plumbing system work?

mechanics of household diagram

A residential plumbing system is made up of two (2) separate systems. One plumbing system carries freshwater into the property, and the other plumbing system takes wastewater away from the property. Water entering the property is under pressure. It enters the property with enough pressure to travel throughout the entire building, even in an upward direction. When water comes into the property, it goes through a water meter that registers the amount of usage. The system has multiple shutoff valve points, including the main shutoff valve, so that you can stop water flow to some or all of the property. The wastewater removal system relies on gravity to take used water away from the house.

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